space launcher zephyr in atmosphere
Our Vision

Pushing the boundaries of space to improve our future

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We explore space to improve life on Earth_

At Latitude, we understand that the vast expanse of space offers endless possibilities to not only shape a vibing in-space industry but also create a lasting, positive impact on life here on Earth. Our pioneering space light launcher, Zephyr, embodies this harmonious blend of purpose and potential, as it will efficiently and reliably launches satellites into orbit, opening new horizons for human advancement and inspiring countless generations to come.

Our ambitious vision to push the boundaries of space is fueled by the collective efforts of our diverse, passionate, and creative team of over 70 talented individuals and partners from CNES to industrial partners and investors. It is through their relentless pursuit of innovation that we have achieved unprecedented milestones and made substantial progress towards our ultimate goal of significantly improving the future of humanity. The successful development of our innovative 3D-printed Navier engine in a mere three years showcases the extraordinary power of human ingenuity when driven by a collective passion for progress.

We firmly believe that our endeavors in space exploration will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of people everywhere. We strive to create a legacy that transcends the realm of business and inspires awe and wonder in all who witness our journey, as we ensure that the marvels of the cosmos are harnessed for the betterment of life on our home planet.

We Value_

At Latitude, our values are the compass guiding us towards greatness. Discover the core principles that shape our company culture and inspire us to reach for the stars.

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We are facing out-of-this-world challenges. Hardships and failures forge our resilience, sharpen our intellect, and elevate us to greater heights.

Being Wrong
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Embracing uncertainty, we value curiosity and humility over perceived omniscience, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

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Time is a highly-valuable resource. Our relentless focus drives our efficiency, speed, and effectiveness in every endeavor.

Thinking Differently
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Grounded in first principles, we reimagine the status quo and cultivate groundbreaking ideas that propel us forward.

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With a proactive mindset, we identify problems, devise innovative solutions, and transform challenges into opportunities for growth.

Our Teams

Discover the talented minds behind Latitude, united in our quest to improve space exploration and enhance life on Earth.

Launcher Design

Expertly engineering the foundation of our dreams, the Launcher Design Department is responsible for the meticulous development of Zephyr's structure and separation systems, propelling us towards the stars.


Igniting innovation, our Propulsion Department crafts our Navier engines for sea level and vacuum conditions, designing both combustion components and subsystems with precision and passion.

Systems & Tests

Harmonizing the heart of Latitude, our System Department seamlessly coordinates and integrates data across all technical departments, showcasing the unity and collaborative spirit of our diverse expertise.

Electrical & Software Systems

The Electrical & Software Systems Department brings life to our launcher through cutting-edge avionics, guidance, piloting, flight programming, telemetry, control benches, and sensor technology.

Production & Integration

The Production Department diligently orchestrates the assembly of our extraordinary launcher, from sourcing components to delivering a fully realized Zephyr, ready to embark on its celestial journey.


The storytellers of Latitude, our Communications & Brand Department, weave a compelling narrative that captivates and inspires, encapsulating the essence of our mission and vision to share with the world.


The backbone of our enterprise, the Operations Direction unites IT, HR, and Legal professionals, working harmoniously to support and empower every aspect of Latitude, paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous future.


The guardians of Latitude's financial wellbeing, our Finance Direction meticulously oversees budgets and resources, ensuring a solid foundation for our ambitious pursuits in space exploration and beyond.


Driven by passion and dedication, our Sales Direction forms lasting connections and cultivates fruitful partnerships, fostering mutual growth and ensuring that our cutting-edge space solutions reach those who need them most.