Latitude unveils the new evolution of its space launcher Zephyr.

Latitude unveils the new evolution of its space launcher Zephyr.

French aerospace company Latitude announces a new evolution of Zephyr. The French light launcher will be able to launch up to 200kg by 2028.

Latitude upgrades Zephyr thanks to the technical, industrial, and commercial feedback gathered in 2023. The payload capacity is increased to 200kg by the French manufacturer. This third evolution will be produced at a pace of fifty units per year, with the first launcher under this configuration expected to be ready in 2028. This version will take the place of the 100kg current version, which is scheduled to be available in 2025.

Thanks to this evolution the French NewSpace company will ensure to keep its capacity to still anticipate customers’ needs during the next years. With a two-time bigger payload capacity, Zephyr ensures not only its long-term versatility but also broadens its commercial applications. Indeed,the addressable market for Latitude is doubled with this new version.

“This third version of Zephyr is a logical evolution for Latitude. It lines up in anticipation with our positioning: manufacture the main launcher for small satellites launches”, said Latitude co-founder and CEO Stanislas Maximin.

Performance enhancements are correlated with the introduction of Navier’s new version equipped with turbopumps. It features a four-time stronger thrust compared to the previous version and a one-week rate of 3D production. This new evolution will be mass produced at a rate of 400 per year. It propels also the Zephyr's current version.

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