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How Latitude partners with SIEMENS, JANUS Engineering, FEALINX and SIGMEO to leverage its engineering workflow ?

February 15, 2022

The recent steady growth of Latitude created new challenges for the different technical departments, their members, and their workflow. Data security, open-collaboration, and state-of-the-art digital tools for today and tomorrow were needed to provide the most optimal work conditions for the Latitude team.

JANUS Engineering, FEALINX and SIGMEO provide their decades of expertise to ensure to Latitude the most optimal digital suite for their needs. This digital suite, Xcelerator suite from SIEMENS Digital Industries Software, covers the entire cycle : Design-Simulation-Collaboration.


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The first part of the cycle, Design, takes profit of NX software. The NX solution offers many easy-to-use and technically powerful tools such as Synchronous Technology allowing external communication without software file format barriers.

To support Latitude in the deployment of this solution within our design offices, Latitude works hand in hand with the expertise of JANUS Engineering (see About JANUS Engineering).


The second part of the cycle, simulation, also benefits from the versatility of the NX solution. Indeed, Simcenter is a true numerical simulation suite covering all the numerical simulation needs of the Latitude engine and launch vehicle departments. Simcenter AMESIM and HEEDS covers fluid mechanics 0D, system simulation and multi-disciplinary design exploration (parametric optimization).

As the simulation business requires real software and hardware expertise, Latitude is supported by SIGMEO in the deployment of this technological offer (see About SIGMEO).


For the third part of the cycle, Collaboration, Latitude was advised by FEALINX to deploy another solution: Teamcenter. The PLM platform (Product Lifecycle Management) provides a great flexibility to answer to our key principle of collaboration: safe sharing. PLM Teamcenter will also support the growth of the number of our employees (from 30 to more than 70 employees before the end of 2022).


Thanks to the knowledge provided by this ecosystem of JANUS Engineering - FEALINX – SIGMEO and SIEMENS suite, Latitude will be able to take a significant step forward in the industrialisation of its digital strategy.


About Latitude

Latitude is a French start-up developing launch services for the nanosats market. Thanks to its nano-launcher Zephyr and its tailor-made services, Latitude provides nanosats operators a simple, reactive, and affordable launch solution



JANUS Engineering is a team of experts who love challenge!

Where others see the limits of what is possible, we create solutions for more efficiency in the fields of CAD-CAM-PLM-MOM-MES. More than 30 years of active use of NX have given us a unique experience thatwe use as a team daily and that we consolidate for our customers. So that good ideas, perfect processes and the right tools can create the production possibilitiesof tomorrow.

Contact: Nicolas SIMON -Nicolas.Simon@janus-engineering.fr

Website: https://www.janus-engineering.com/fr_fr/



For over 20 years, we have been supporting our industrial customers in their digital transformation.

Our expertise in data management enables manufacturers to design and produce more intelligent products with immediate and predictive value.

Our experts in CAD -PLM - ECM -BI - Industry 4.0 - SAAS analysis, deployment and support make all software solutions interoperable to provide our customers with a true predictive-collaborative platform with SWO360.

We are the builders of the industry of the future.

Contact: Sébastien DEBEIXsdebeix@fealinx.com

Website: https://www.fealinx-distribution.com/  


SIGMEO is the leading national SIEMENS Digital Industry Software distributor and integrator of Simcenter NASTRAN final element software in the Windows environment, as well as Simcenter STAR-CCM+ for CFD, Simcenter AMESIM and Simcenter HEEDS for optimization and multidisciplinary exploration.

Contact: Thierry BOURDIER - thierry.bourdier@sigmeo.fr

Website: https://www.sigmeo.fr/