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Future Navier Mark 2 test campaign supported by Fives Cryomec® hardware

May 9, 2022

A future phase in the development of our Navier engine will be the test of the MK2 version, planned in 2023. Our engineering team has chosen world-renowned Fives Cryomec to provide a unique cryogenic pump to support that test campaign and qualify our engine for orbital flight.

As the test campaign for Navier MK1 is about to take place, our team is already preparing the next phase of our engine development: the Navier MK2. This second iteration of our engine will power Zephyr to reach Earth orbit on its maiden flight in 2024.

Prior to reaching for orbit, this flight-optimized version of Navier shall first of all be tested at sea level. These tests involve the usage of specific hardware, such as a Cryomec cryogenic modular pump, provided by Fives. Our engineering team at Latitude explains: "We have light cryogenic pumps for the flight but we need more resistant, more massive ground pumps to perform all the tests in order not to oversize the flight pumps. As such, we called on Fives Cryomec expertise to provide a solution adapted to our needs."

Following talks that began in early 2022, the Fives Cryomec hardware was chosen for the proven experience the company showcases in providing industrial pumps. "This hardware will be a solid support to checking the engine parameters. The pump can also be used on different operating points of the flight pump to characterize phenomena and increase Navier's qualification scope."

The Navier MK2 ground test campaign will take place no earlier than 2023 and should spread over several months. This should mark an important milestone toward the first flight of Zephyr.


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